Bike it to Ballidu Gravel offers riders four distances from 12km* to 161km*, so something for all kinds of bike riders, including e-bikers. Rides are full supported with motorbike marshals, medical and mechanical support, and aid stations.

Bike it to Ballidu Gravel is not an AusCycling-sanctioned race and therefore racing licenses are not required to take part – hence lower entry fees!

Choose your adventure!

Wongan Thrills (161km) | 09:00 depart

Wongan Thrills is a proper gravel workout with about 1400 metres of vertical gain that includes the pinchy Mt O’Brien climb, lakes, salt plains and gravel from fast and furious unpaved roads to fire breaks, compact clay and farmers’ tracks. 

Aid stations at 36km, 88km and 114km will provide Winners and other nutrition and hydration options, toilets and enthusiastic support from our hardy band of vollies! 

Please note the area through Wongan Hills town centre at half-distance is a non-timed neutral zone. This means you can stop and take refreshment from local vendors, without time penalty.

The minimum age for the Wongan Thrills is 18 years. Not even tough kids can apply sorry…

Watts up doc!...Semi-pro Cassia Boglio put a few into the gravelly hurt locker last year

The Ballidude (82km)  |  11:00 depart

Still a tough ride, but only about half as tough, mostly on the big Wongan Thrills loop with about 600 metres of climbing.

An aid station half way around will provide Winners nutrition, hydration and toilet services.

Only Ballidudes (and Ballidudettes!) over 18 years need apply. Sorry kids…

Riders will harvest plenty of private farmers' tracks generously made available to us for the day

Yes You Canola (46km)  |  13:00 depart

At 46km, Yes You Canola is accessible for most riders. And yes, kids, this one is open for you! Any bike or e-bike should get your around here and if you’ve ridden the old Bike it to Ballidu route, this ride should suit you…crush novelty sections like a ball pit and on-route challenges and win prizes!  

The minimum age of the 46km Yes You Canola Loop is 10 years**.

Come one, come all...

Just Ballidu It (12km)  |  14:00 depart

This is the fun loop! A 12km gravel excursion with novelty challenges that last year included a mud pit, needle in the haystack – and prizes galore. Fancy dress is not only encouraged – it’s rewarded!

The minimum age for the Just Ballidu It is seven years**.

Vamos! Complete challenges and win prizes!...

E-bikes welcome on all rides.

We recommend gravel or mountain bikes for The Ballidude and Wongan Thrills.

Any bike should get you around Yes You Canola and Just Ballidu It.

Tubeless tires are recommended.